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Analytics for Retailers


Built a Data Analytics platform for increasing customer engagement.


Requirement gathering started with exhaustive brainstorming sessions with Client's Product management and CxOs. Our Business Analyst, UX Expert and Technical architect were engaged to understand the product roadmap. They wanted to build a Data Analytics platform for the Retailers which will help Retailers to Know their customers better, Know target customers, Up sell & cross sell and to increase the brand loyalty.


Post requirements finalisation, our UX team worked on Competitive analysis, User research, Persona definitions and then designed interactions with the help of wireframes. After getting them reviewed by the client and incorporating their feedback, interactions were finalised. After that UX team work on creating mood boards followed by designing high fidelity mockups. Meanwhile, technical team defined the Architecture and finalized tech stack. Team followed Agile methodology for development.


Built a responsive Web Application which works on a Desktop, Tab & Mobile devices. Designed and divided the required functionalities in four different modules. For quick and concise understanding, lots of charts and graphs were used.

Below were some of the functionalities built in the application -

  • Insights on current customer base by Age group, Location, Shopping preferences, Brand preferences.

  • Insights on purchase patterns.

  • Insights on Customers at Risk and Factors for that.

  • Insights on Customer Engagement.

  • Projected Customer LifeTime Value.



Backend – Java/J2EE, Spring MVC, Hibernate

Database - MySQL

Web Application – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, PrimeNG

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